North Mankato Branch

Wells Federal Bank
1800 Commerce Drive
North Mankato, MN 56003

Phone: 507-625-1300
Fax: 507-625-1301

Lobby Hours:
Monday-Thursday 9:00-4:00
Friday 9:00-5:30

Drive Up Hours:
Monday - Friday 7:30-5:30
Saturday 7:30 - Noon

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Community News:
 Starting this fall there will be a NEW redesigned twenty-dollar bill!! It will include new safety features. Some of the new features will be the new peach color added to the middle of the bill and a larger borderless picture of President Jackson. Also added were two "symbols of freedom"-American eagles, a small eagle on the right of the portrait and a larger eagle off to the left. A new fifty dollar bill is scheduled for 2004 and a new one-hundred for 2005.
Later in the year there is also a possibility of a new nickel in the works to be released commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase. It would make it the first redesign of the nickel since 1938. There is also a chance for a complete redesign of the nickel shortly thereafter.
New quarters for 2003 are set to be Illinois, Alabama, Maine, Missouri, and Arkansas.