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The Wells Federal Bank ATM/Debit Card makes your checking and statement savings accounts even more valuable. With one card you have access to ATM transactions and point of sale purchases directly from you checking or savings account without writing a check.

Each Wells Federal Bank location has an ATM. Additionally, the Cards may be used by customers at ATM machines throughout the world.

At the ATM, you can perform a variety of transactions from either a checking or statement savings account. These transactions include - account balance inquiry; transfer funds from one account to another; or withdraw cash

We do not charge our customers any fee for using our card in our machines Non-customers are charged a fee for a transaction at our machines. Customers may also be charged from other banks for using their machines. Customers will not be charged for using their Wells Federal Bank ATM/Debit card at any ATM that displays the Privileged Status (PS) logo. This is an agreement among community banks not to charge each other's customers.

Customers are allowed to select their own personal identification number (PIN) for their ATM/Debit card. There is a charge of $5.00 for issuance of replacement cards or personal identification numbers.

The additional feature of making your card a Debit Card, offers you the convenience of checking plus the added value of safety, easy record keeping and affordability. Debit cards allow you to use money from your checking account without writing a check. They are faster and easier than writing checks. Joint account holders may each receive a card - no need to share one checkbook. You receive a receipt for each purchase and each transaction appears on your monthly statement.

Please contact a Customer Service Representative at any of the Wells Federal Bank locations to assist you in applying for a Wells Federal Bank ATM/Debit card.



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