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Business Checking & Savings

Commercial Accounts
· Pursuant to Federal Law, checking accounts that earn interest are not available to commercial customers.
· Exceptions to this rule are: sole proprietors, husband & wife partnerships, government agencies and non-profit organizations.
· Commercial accounts pay a fee for deposits and for checks that clear the account.
· A Earnings Credit rate is paid in lieu of interest.
· Wells Federal Bank Offers Two Commercial Accounts.

Commercial Level One is designed for small or seasonal businesses. It is also ideal for the business customer that is just getting started.

· No maintenance fee
· No minimum balance
· 100 free total items
· Free ACH credits

If your account activity exceeds 100 total items, excluding ACH credits, you will be charged $0.35 per item.

Commercial Level Two is designed for businesses with a larger volume of checking and deposit activity.

The following charges apply:
· $7.50 monthly fee
· No minimum balance requirement
· Earning credit paid on the average available monthly balance
· $.20 per deposit
· $.06 per on-us deposit item
· $.10 per transit deposit item
· $.15 per check that clears the account
· $.20 per ACH credit
· $.15 per ACH debit

Unless specifically addressed on this website, all other charges apply as listed in the current Schedule of Fees and Charges.

A 30-day notice will precede any changes in these charges.

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