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NOTICE:  Loan Services are only available throughout the bank's regular service area. Contact the bank for specific information regarding this service area.

Wells Federal officers a variety of Certificates of Deposit to help meet the individual savings needs of our customers.

Terms vary from 91 days to 4 years. Most CDs compound interest quarterly and are automatically renewable. Interest is paid on calendar quarters and at maturity and may be paid by check or by compounding. For customers with balances of $1,000 or more, interest can be transferred monthly to a Wells Federal Checking or Statement Savings Account.

Wells Federal also offers a Prime Rate Flexible CD with interest tied to the New York Prime Rate.

Any Wells Federal Certificate of Deposit may be used for Keogh and IRA Accounts as well as a special IRA Account

For current rates and Certificate of Deposit information, including penalties for early withdrawal and any other charges, contact any Wells Federal office.


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