Direct Deposit

It is convenient, reliable, simple and safe.

Direct Deposit of your Federal check (paycheck, social security or other benefit check) means your funds are automatically deposited into your account.

Direct Deposit of your Federal check is a safer, more reliable, and less expensive payment method than a traditional printed check. Direct Deposit will help to eliminate most of the 1.7 million annual inquiries from recipients whose checks have been lost, stolen, damaged or delayed during delivery. With Direct Deposit, you no longer have to worry about lost or stolen checks, or going to the bank and waiting in line to make your deposit. Your money will be in your account waiting for you to access it at your convenience.

Most people will have the choice of account - checking, savings or other, that they would like their funds to be deposited into. And there is generally no charge for the Direct Deposit service for your Federal check.

A simple form is all that is needed. Please ask one of our experienced professionals for more information on how to sign up for Direct Deposit of your Federal check.

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